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Tour To The Tsaritsino Park

The name of Tsaritsino means "Tsarina's" and the residence got it's current name in the year 1775, then became a property and royal residence of Catherine the Great. The ensemble of the park and the buildings covers more than 100 hectares in the south-east of Moscow.

But its history started much earlier, in the 16th century it belonged to Boris Godunov's sister, Tsarina Irina.

Through centuries Tsaritsino was constantly changing: every new owner of the residence wanted to make it way better than it was, rebuilding and destroying everything again and again. Now Tsaritsino is a monument to pseudo-Gothic style, that was being built for almost 20 years: initially by the architect Vasily Bazhenov and then Matvey Kazakov after him.

Around the palace buildings, along hills and canyons there is an English garden with beautiful pavilions, grottos and pergolas all over the territory. You will also enjoy cascade ponds and an isle in the middle of the main pond with the biggest musical fountain in Moscow (55 meters in diameter).

For decades almost all buildings were ruined and the park was abandoned. Reconstruction began in the middle 80s and it took almost 25 years to finish it and return Tsaritsino to its original look. During the tour you will visit The Palace and other buildings, including recently renovated Hlebniy Dom, and take a walk around the Park.

PRICE for Tour To The Tsaritsino Park

Language (group 1-15 persons)

2 hour tour

Russian, English, German, French 3600 RUR
Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech 4000 RUR
Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Turkish, Hungarian, Scandinavian 6300 RUR
Entrance Fee (adult): Russian citizens/tourists
Hlebniy House 100/150 RUR
Palace 150/300 RUR
Park+Hlebniy House 150/300 RUR
Park+Palace 210/450 RUR
Park+Hlebniy House+Palace 300/510 RUR

The price is set for group.Cost of tour guides in other languages may differ. Transfer is not included.

Transportation for Tour To The Tsaritsino Park

We provide any kind of transport you need for our tour. We offer you various class of vehicles with driver: budget, premium, luxury (vip taxi) and also minivans and coaches up to 50 peoples for comfortable tour in group.

Book Tour To The Tsaritsino Park

To book the tour please call us at +7 495 228-8882 and our booking manager will provide you all nesessary information about this excursion. We draw your attention, that the Tour To The State Tretiakov Gallery is granted with the condition of full payment. For payment we can send you a courier or you can come to our office.

You can book Tour To The Tsaritsino Park by e-mail info@gotorussia.ru or by phone +7 495 228-8882 or through our online booking form.

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