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The Planetarium

The Planetarium will introduce you the most amazing and full of riddles place the cosmos. The planetarium offers a unique for Moscow sessions of immersion in space: you're in the middle of the dome on which the image from the telescope is projected.

At a session devoted to the space disaster, you will witness the grand processes that shake the universe, and sometimes threaten the existence of life on our planet. At a session devoted to the wonders of the universe, we go deeply into the space travel and the Space Telescope for billions of years back in time to witness the birth of our universe. From there we fly through distant galaxies, gradually approaching the Milky Way, and witnessing the dramatic events in the life of galaxies, the birth and death of stars, the formation of planetary systems, then fly through the solar system, returning to Earth.

At the session about Mars exploration you will see the Martian surface, as seen from various sent from the Earth spacecrafts, fly over a huge chasm called Valles Marineris, canyons and volcanoes, get on the ice of the martian polar caps and end up inside a rotating dust tornadoes. You will explore entirely new world the red planet Mars.


Metro stations: Dostoevskaya, Suvorovskaya Square, 2
Tuesday-Friday at 11.00, 13.00, 15.00 and 16.00

PRICE for The Planetarium




1 hour 20-35 400 RUR per person

Transportation for The Planetarium

We provide any kind of transport you need for our tour. We offer you various class of vehicles with driver: budget, premium, luxury (vip taxi) and also minivans and coaches up to 50 peoples for comfortable tour in group.

Book The Planetarium

To book the tour please call us at +7 495 228-8882 and our booking manager will provide you all nesessary information about this excursion. We draw your attention, that the The Planetarium is granted with the condition of full payment. For payment we can send you a courier or you can come to our office.

You can book The Planetarium by e-mail info@gotorussia.ru or by phone +7 495 228-8882 or through our online booking form.

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